Michelle Tompkins is a primarily self-taught mixed media artist working in a variety of media and an educated graphic designer who has been creating art all of her life. Art has always been a part of Michelle’s life in one way or another and now is her main passion and driving force. From being a certified ceramic’s instructor to printmaking, computer enhancing imagery, photography and ultimately leading to receiving a graphic design certificate.

  After leaving a career in software development, which left little time and room for her art, she began studying with incredible artists and learning to create her altered journals and books and mixed media collages. She fell in love with tearing and inking and handwriting and hand cutting and plenty of paint. She especially enjoys participating in the creative process with others and making art, developing her artistic and creative skills.

 Her goal as an artist is to tell stories with paint and paper, her goal as a human being and writer is to inspire others to live more creatively—every day. Michelle also holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with her minor in Graphic Design and is fascinated with the creative process itself and the process of sorytelling like in fairy tales, folklore and mythologies and how these incorporate visually in our art and collage. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Art Therapy.

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